Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back at it....AGAIN

I'm sure by now you guys are getting tired of me saying that "I'm Back....and this time I mean it"!!! How many times have I made that promise to myself and to my friends and family! I guess this time I'm not going to promise anyone anything. I've had a few things happen lately that have shaken me to the very core of my being! I know that I need to change my life on so many levels! I need to start loving myself, and believing in myself! I need to look deep inside and see the beautiful woman that everyone else claims to see!

I've done a LOT...and I do mean a LOT of soul searching this past week! I"ve come to the realization that I can't change the past...I have to let it go and decide that I can make a tremendous influence on my future if I just take the first step! The only thing stopping me from being everything I want to be is ME!!!! It's nobody else's fault, and it's nobody else's problem either! If I want it...I have to make the choice to go get it...and be willing to pay whatever price it takes to get it!

I'm working on several aspects of my life!
1. my relationship with myself
2. my relationships with my family
3. my health and fitness
4. my realtionship with my friends
5. my new business
6. my financial house

So many diffferent areas of my life...and so much to improve on! But I"m going to take it one step at a time. I do believe that working just one job is going to make a HUGE difference with my relationships with my family and friends! It also opens up the time to be able to work on my health and fitness. Starting July 1st my whole life is going to change! I'm so excited, but terrified in the same breath. I've put a lot out there on the limb! If I don't succeed in my business...not only do I suffer, but so does my family! Sometimes the stress of it all seems unbearable...and last week I broke!

I'm working on a daily plan. I haven't finished it yet...but when I do I will be posting it! If I plan out each day, and be sure to complete what I plan, then life should fall into place for me! I know it's a big step...but I do beleive that I'm up for the challenge!

I was born to be whatever I choose to do! I do have it in me...I've just gotta reaquaint myself with that part of me!

Thanks for all the continued love and support from everyone! Unfortunately I will NOT be in the next round of Kari's competition...too much added pressure! But I will be watching and checking out how you guys are doing! I will also try to blog more often, and get my feelings out as therapy along the way!

Love you my Amigos...and again...THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME!!!! xoxoxoxo


  1. Never quit. You are awesome and are going to be successful at whatever you set your mind too. The key to success is to keep coming back at it. Not to lean back and take it but lean into and it and lead the charge. Wake up everyday with the renewed sence you are coming back to kick some ass.

    I am sorry you won't be in the comp again. Keep up your blog, I would love to hear how you are doing.

  2. Step 1, make a plan. DONE.
    Step 2, implement your plan...soon
    Can't wait to hear your excitement as you get this thing on the road and you begin to feel all the little successes you DO have along the way.

    Proud of u.
    Take charge baby. This is YOUR life. Make it great.